Ariane Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine – Oriental Medicinals

Oriental MedicinalsOriental Medicinals are usually referred to as Chinese Herbs. Most of them are herbs but some are minerals and a few animal products are used.

These medicinals are prescribed in accordance with full diagnosis of the patient’s condition. They can be taken individually but are usually combined to form formulas.

Oriental Medicinal formulas can even be custom designed for a specific patient at a sOriental Medicinalspecific time. Custom formulas can be modified as the patient improves so the formula continues to match the patient’s condition.

These formulas are now available in several forms. The traditional method was to boil raw medicinals and drink the decocted liquid. Now, concentrated forms of medicinals are available in pills, powders, and even gel capsules.

Quality of medicinals can vary greatly. We uses only the highest quality and our suppliers ensure that no contamination or poor quality medicinals are present.